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Call it Good

Nov 6, 2018

Nora Schlesinger is a baker, food photographer, content creator, and the face behind A Clean Bake–a website of gluten-free and paleo treats and recipes for everyone to enjoy. (She has the best grain-free chocolate chip cookie recipe, in my opinion.)

Nora lives in Chicago with her husband and their toddler son. In her spare time, she loves to test new recipes for her blog, collaborate with brands, and work on freelance recipe development and photography projects.

On this episode, Nora and I chat about her food and health journey, what it’s like to be a food blogger, social media, motherhood, the working mom balance, and prioritizing what really matters in life after a season of overwhelm and perfectionism.



Ali’s favorite grain-free chocolate chip cookie recipe

Nora’s health and food journey

Finding Balance After a Tumultuous 4th Year of Blogging


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