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Call it Good

Jul 2, 2019

Morgan Harper Nichols is a writer, artist, and musician who makes her work around people and their stories. In 2017, Morgan started a project where she invites people to submit their stories to her website. From there, she creates art inspired by what they send her, and then, sends them the art, for free. Nearly everything Morgan creates and shares today is from this project, and she always keeps the names and stories anonymous. The fruit of this project is shared daily around social media, in publications, on murals, and more. Morgan lives in California with her husband, Patrick, and their new son, Jacob, who was born on May 30. 

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen her beautiful art and read her moving words before. She was so wonderful to talk to, and I felt so honored that she spent some of her busy time to be on Call it Good. 

On this episode, Morgan and I talk about her creative process, letting go of self-doubt, her family, and so much more.

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